Kathryn Harmon

Co-Host of The Five By

Kathryn started gaming at 6 when her mother decided she was old enough to learn Bridge. Modern boardgames slowly filtered into her life but became an obsession over a memorable 15th wedding anniversary trip with Tzol'kin, Race for the Galaxy, and Pret-a-Porter. Kathryn admins the Couple of Gamer's Guild on BGG, for significant others who game together. In her other life she matches young readers with their perfect book, and runs a STEM program teaching 3D modelling, Lego Robotics, and Electronics.

First Appearance: Episode 17

Top 5 Games:
Grand Austria Hotel
Great Western Trail
The Gates of Loyang
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
Factory Funner

Kathryn Harmon has hosted 25 Episodes.