• Ruth Boyack

    Ruth Boyack has hosted 25 episodes.

    While browsing the internet to avoid pharmacy school coursework back in 2010, Ruth stumbled across the world of hobby boardgaming and headed to out of curiosity. Years later, she’s a licensed pharmacist, the owner of far too many games, an active member of the lively Durham-area gaming community, and the organizer of a small Summer convention appropriately titled RUTHCon. When not recording for TheFiveBy, she shares her gaming & comics-related thoughts in a curated fashion on her blog at Sequential Gamer and in a completely uncurated fashion on Twitter.

    First Apperance: Episode 1

    Top 5 Games:
    In the Year of the Dragon
    Notre Dame
    Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

    Website Twitter Instagram

  • Kathryn Harmon

    Kathryn Harmon has hosted 5 episodes.

    Kathryn started gaming at 6 when her mother decided she was old enough to learn Bridge. Modern boardgames slowly filtered into her life but became an obsession over a memorable 15th wedding anniversary trip with Tzol'kin, Race for the Galaxy, and Pret-a-Porter. Kathryn admins the Couple of Gamer's Guild on BGG, for significant others who game together. In her other life she matches young readers with their perfect book, and runs a STEM program teaching 3D modelling, Lego Robotics, and Electronics.

    First Apperance: Episode 17

    Top 5 Games:
    Grand Austria Hotel
    Great Western Trail
    The Gates of Loyang
    Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
    Factory Funner


  • Lindsay Miller

    Lindsay Miller has hosted 23 episodes.

    Lindsay is a self confessed tabletop game addict from the UK. Since discovering the exciting world of modern board gaming she has been sharing her love for the hobby through her blog, YouTube channel and Instagram page. Her favourite thing has got to be sitting down with a cup of tea to pop some cardboard and delve into a rulebook. Lindsay is a fan of many genres, but big heavy euros and sci-fi themes are always top choices.

    First Apperance: Episode 1

    Top 5 Games:
    Terraforming Mars
    The Gallerist
    Food Chain Magnate

    Website Twitter Instagram YouTube

  • Sarah Ovenall

    Sarah Ovenall has hosted 15 episodes.

    Sarah is a board gamer, swing DJ, and classic movie buff. Her first experience with board games was obsessively playing Cosmic Encounter in the 1980s, and she rediscovered the hobby a few years ago when friends invited her to a game of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Sarah's favorite games are often those that create a strong narrative.

    First Apperance: Episode 10

    Top 5 Games:
    Above and Below
    Pandemic Legacy
    Dead of Winter


  • Mike Risley

    Mike Risley has hosted 24 episodes.

    Mike has been board gaming since childhood, but found modern board games over a decade ago when a friend recommended Munchkin to him but the game store staff wisely recommended Carcassonne instead. Mike's favorite games types are Euros where you are building something tangible for the end of the game.

    First Apperance: Episode 1

    Top 5 Games:
    Above and Below
    Pandemic Iberia

    Website Twitter

  • Stephanie Stone-Robb

    Stephanie Stone-Robb has hosted 25 episodes.

    Stephanie Stone-Robb’s earliest game memory is watching her parents and grandparents play Yahtzee when she was 4 years old. They yelled. And drank. A lot. Which probably explains so much. Stephanie first got into the newest generation of board games in 2012 when a friend invited her to play a little game called Arkham Horror, and she wasn’t scared away by the idea of a 4 hour board game.

    Steph’s board game tastes now leans to the quirky game and she’s a sucker for adorable components. When she’s not gaming, Stephanie hosts two other mildly successful podcasts and works full time for Geeks Who Drink. She lives in Texas with her husband and most favorite gaming partner, Dave, and a slightly neurotic dog named Kubrick and an overly affectionate cat named Dewey who wakes her up every morning at 5:18.

    First Apperance: Episode 1

    Top 5 Games:
    Worlds Fair 1893
    7 Wonders Duel
    Dead of Winter
    Stone Age


  • Mason Weaver

    Mason Weaver has hosted 25 episodes.

    Mason Weaver is a non-profit organic gardening educator, board gamer, thrift store shopper, record collector, and Star Trek fan. He lives in Oklahoma City with a wall full of games, two dogs, two cats, and his partner Megan, who has long since tuned out 90% of what he says.

    First Apperance: Episode 1

    Top 5 Games:
    Race for the Galaxy
    World's Fair 1893
    Port Royal
    Castles of Burgundy

    Website Twitter