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Special Thanks

Special Thanks

As with most podcasts, we are really standing on the shoulders of great people who have come before, and people who have donated time and expertise to help us. We would like to gratefully thank the following people.

Beth Sobel: Beth is an amazing artist who graciously designed our logo. You should check out her art, and the wonderful games that use her art such as World's Fair 1893, Herbacious, Viticulture, Lanterns, and countless others. Twitter | Website

Scott King: Everyone's favorite photographer, calendar creator, author, podcaster, and regular patron of Brew-n-Bake. Scott has kindly allowed us to plunder his image files for use on Twitter and Website. Twitter | Website

Brandon Kempf: What did you play this week? Brandon knows what he played. Besides being one of the friendliest guys in board gaming, Brandon helped a couple of us with our podcasting start, and gave me lots of helpful advice for starting this new Podcast. Twitter | Website

Rolling Dice and Taking Names: The second Board Gaming Podcast that Mike ever listened to. Tony and Marty have been a fount of information (what to do and what not to do). I really appreciate all their help and advice for starting my own Podcast. Twitter | Website

Eric Booth: One of the best guys in board gaming, a friend of the show, and a great resource for recording and editing info. Be sure to check him out on the WDYPTW Podcast. Twitter

Suzanne Sheldon: Forever Suz. A great inspiration and source of wisdom. We're not just better for knowing her and seeking her sage advice, the whole Board Gaming Industry is better for knowing her. Twitter | Website

Board Game Blitz: Ambia, Cassadi and Crystal are wonderful, passionate and enthusiastic gamers showing the world how good a 30 minute podcast can be. Word of the Day: Amazing Twitter | Website

Draft Mechanic: A true up and coming podcast. But beyond that Jake was super helpful and open about his experience starting their own podcast. Twitter | Website