Laura Donovan Bannister

Co-Host of The Five By

Laura lives in New England with her husband and future pets. She grew up playing board games and card games, and after discovering modern board games five-ish years ago, she’s become a semi-professional shelf reorganizer. In her free time Laura enjoys writing fiction, finding hidden gems at estate sales, and introducing people to the hobby. She’s worked in the tech industry for over two decades but doesn’t know how to fix your computer.

First Appearance: Episode 53

Top 5 Games:
Laura doesn’t know what her top 5 games are because her brain doesn’t work that way. She doesn’t have favorite movies, bands, or even a favorite color. But the types of games she enjoys most are highly thematic games, hybrid ameri-euro games, social deduction games, and fillers. She promises to put together a Top 5 list someday but we’re not sure we believe her.

Laura Donovan Bannister has hosted 16 Episodes.