Christy Keele

Co-Host of The Five By

Christy has been gaming as a hobbyist since 2011. She loves light- and medium-weight games that are rich in theme, and is easily distracted by shiny components. Throughout the year, you can find her attending and volunteering at conventions near Indianapolis, participating in game groups (but also being an introverted hermit), listening to podcasts, and posting geeklists and the occasional blog posts on BGG. Christy's favorite ways of connecting online are Twitter, Instagram, and Slack. Her other interests include fountain pens, crafting her own board game pieces, playing the piano, and being a long-distance cat mom.

First Appearance: Episode 53

Top 5 Games:
Summoner Wars
Magic Maze
Fury of Dracula 3rd Ed

Christy Keele has hosted 29 Episodes.