Jose Chavez

Co-Host of The Five By

Jose initially stumbled into board games in the late 00's while looking for activities to engage with teens while working as a Youth Minister. Trying out board game night for the youth sent him down a path where his board game library consisted of Zombies!!! and Ticket to Ride the card game to now hundreds of games. Jose enjoys playing games of all types, from quick simple to pick up games to long complex games. He appreciates that this hobby can provide such a wide array of experiences and hopes to share many of them with others.

First Appearance: Episode 118

Top 5 Games:
(this list is constantly shifting but as of typing is are my top 5 in no particular order)
Cosmic Encounter
BattleCon: Devastation of Indines
Dominant Species
Legendary Encounters: Aliens

Jose Chavez has hosted 22 Episodes.